Phil Bratta


Research Statement

As a scholar in cultural and digital rhetorics, my work seeks to bring together rhetorical theory, culture, writing, digital-visual rhetorics, embodiment, and pedagogy. I value collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and participatory ethnography to examine rhetorical production and better understand both digital and non-digital composing practices within larger cultural contexts. With an ethnographic orientation and practice, my main research questions are:

  • What are the mechanisms that people use to invent, sustain, and circulate rhetoric, writing, and culture? And how do these mechanisms operate, dissolve, and proliferate in specific moments and places?
  • What are the rhetorical connections between broad culturalĀ movements andĀ embodied practices, particularly within digital and non-digital places and spaces?
  • How do we rhetorically read, write, and experience texts, events, and people?